ISP Travel Form

During ISP, you are responsible for ensuring the Academic Director and program staff know how to get in touch with you at all times.

Complete this form once for each destination to which you intend to travel. ISP itinerary details must include the mode of transportation to your ISP site and to any and all destinations away from the program base during the ISP period. Please also indicate the places you will be staying, contact names, phone numbers, addresses or PO Box numbers, and email addresses during ISP.

This document must be approved by the Academic Director before you will be permitted to begin your ISP. In addition, you may not travel to any destination other than what is listed below without first receiving permission from the Academic Director.

By submitting this form, you acknowledge your understanding that:

  1. I am responsible for ensuring that the Academic Director or designated program staff member knows how to get in touch with me at all times based on information I have provided.
  2. The Academic Director will be awaiting my calls on the designated call-in dates.
  3. Certain activities deemed potentially dangerous to individual safety and program integrity are not permitted and are grounds for dismissal. These include, but are not limited to, motorcycling, hitchhiking, driving, parachuting, bungee-jumping, hang-gliding, riding in private airplanes, rock climbing, white water rafting, scuba diving, and surfing. See the Code of Conduct in the SIT Study Abroad Student Handbook for complete details.
  4. I am not permitted to leave the program country, unless pre-approved by the Academic Director and consistent with the Independent Travel Policy.