Greenland readings

Greenland in Figures 2016

Global warming is melting the Greenland Ice Sheet, fastGuardian, 2016

Greenland: the country set to cash in on climate change, The Guardian, 2016

At ground zero of climate warming, Greenland seeks to unlock frozen assets, Reuters, 2016

Greenland needs money: is a uranium mine the answer?Washington Post, 2017

Academic articles and reports

A high-resolution record of Greenland mass balanceGeophysical Research Letters, 2016

icc Liu-2016: Has Arctic Sea Ice Loss Contributed to Increased Surface Melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet?

Sustained mass loss of the north east Greenland ice sheet triggered by regional warmingNature, 2o14

icc Callaghan-2011: Feedbacks and Interactions: From the Arctic Cryosphere to the Climate System

icc Haley-2011: Social Indicators for Arctic Mining

icc Stroeve-2011: The Arctic´s rapidly shrinking sea ice cover: a research synthesis

icc IPCC-2014 icc: IPCC climate change synthesis report

Johnson-2015: The contributions of community-based monitoring and traditional knowledge to Arctic observing networks: reflections of the state of the field

icc Pidgeon-2011: The role of social and decision sciences in communicating uncertain climate risks

icc Protected-Areas-Arctic-2002: Protected areas of the Arctic: Conserving a full range of values


Put your adventure in perspective. These are optional readings suggested for your pleasure. Some of these may be available from your local libraries in electronic or hardcopy versions.

Climate Change

Ecosystems and Resilience – ENVI3000


Climate Modeling

Carbon Management – ENGR3000

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